Design is an iterative process that involves envisioning, conceptualizing, materializing, editing, and refining. Each iteration is a new edit, each production a new edition, and each collection an act of editorial curation. To edit and refine is to build a movement of ideas and processes.

EDITS is a design studio and furniture company based in Vancouver, Canada, with production facilities in Italy and Montreal. With an uncompromising attitude towards design, we are guided by the principles of conceptual clarity, aesthetic sophistication, impeccable quality, and holistic sustainability. Our methodology blends modernist design principles with new-century perspectives to produce beautiful designs of heirloom quality and lasting relevance.
EDITS meticulously crafts furniture that has been made through various partnerships and most skilled chair manufacturers in the world. This has aligned us to an elegant blend of sophisticated industrial production and atelier craftsmanship. We produce in small, carefully controlled batches, ensuring meticulous attention to detail while meeting the required industrial scale for economic assembly.

Our furniture comprises the sole usage of FSC-certified wood from European and American forests, zero-emission non-VOC paints and glues free from VOC chemicals, bio-based foams, circular and recyclable packaging, and high-quality natural-fiber fabrics that meet strict European environmental standards.